How To Pay for Hostinger in Nigeria (as a Digital Marketer)

Have you struggled to pay for Hostinger in Nigeria with your Naira card?

With the federal government ban on many things, including dollar international payments, making over-the-border transactions is a big struggle.

With online payment at its bare minimum using Naira cards, the only way to escape this dilemma is to go for an international bank card for your website hosting payment in Nigeria.

But before we continue, let’s go back in time to relate how we landed here – in the struggle for USD payments with any Naira cards.

Why your Nigerian Card is not Accepted for International Transactions

In a bit of a struggle to contend with the balance of Forex demands/exchange rates in the international market, the CBN gave a directive to banks and, therefore, banned international payments on Naira cards.

Like me (GTB customer), you would have received a memo that stated, “Dear customer, we write to inform you that you will no longer be able to use your Naira Mastercard for international online and POS transactions effective 31st December 2022”.

While this decision wasn’t a big deal for an average Joe transacting in Naira, it was a significant blow for some online entrepreneurs as the struggle for the best card to use for USD online payment had just begun.

And yes, the bank gave what I would call a problematic solution: using their Dollar Card for international transactions. But this meant you would have to open a Domiciliary Account before you can be issued the card. That is not all.

With the refusal of banks to sell USD for customers, this invariably means you would go to source physical USD cash from Bureau De change traders, take it to the bank, and then wait in the queue to fund it.

Therefore, this shift greatly impacted the everyday life of the average Nigerian digital marketer. And so, crucial transactions such as paying for web and domain hosting, WES, and Digital Ads became strenuous.

But the good news?

There’s a card you can get for free, load online, and make payment for your Hostinger packages efficiently.

About the UBA Dollar Prepaid Visa Card

The card is the “UBA Dollar Prepaid Visa Card“. It is a standalone bank card – available to all Nigerians with or without an account with United Bank for AfriCard (UBA).

About the UBA Dollar Prepaid Visa Card

The card allows up to $10,000 of international payments every month. This means you can add this card to your hosting account to pay seamlessly for web hosting and related web transactions.

Learn more about the card in the video below.

UBA Prepaid Card vs Dollar Card in Nigeria

  • You need a bank account to get a dollar card, but you don’t need one to get the UBA prepaid card.
  • You need a Domiciliary account to request a Dollar Card. This does not apply to the AfriCard.
  • You need to source USD at the black market. This is optional, as you can load your card online using a known freelance merchant like fnfSwap Nigeria.
  • You waste time funding over the counter with a Dollar card. But for prepaid cards, you can fund online.
  • They can sell fake dollars, but such risk is avoided with the UBA prepaid Visa Dollar card.

Pros of the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

  1. Online payment up to $2,500 per day.
  2. Works on many websites, including AliExpress, Twitter, Google, eBay, etc.
  3. No extra charges for online payment.
  4. You can quickly Check the balance online.

Cons of the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

  • Monthly limit of $10,000.
  • It does not work for a Google Console Account payment.

Requirements to get the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card for Online Payment in Nigeria

To request and get the card, you need to go to the bank with the following documents:

  • 1 passport Photo
  • An ID card
  • BVN details
  • Utility bill.

All the above is needed for KYC.

Upon submission at the bank and processing, you will be issued a new prepaid card for the online hosting payment.

How to Load the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card Online

See how to fund the UBA prepaid card to save time and stress.

  • Go to for funding.
  • Get the exchange rates and make payment of the equivalent USD you need.
  • After payment, upload the receipt and drop your card details (client ID and surname).
  • Get funded in less than 30 minutes.

Fund your UBA dollar prepaid card.

Here is how to Pay for Hostinger Web Hosting Service as a Nigerian Blogger with the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card:

  • Request for the card at the bank.
  • Fund the card with the amount of USD you need.
  • Go to Hostinger and select the hosting package you need.
  • Select “pay with Debit/Credit” card option.

Enter the card info, and pay for the hosting service. That’s all.

Now, you have the world of subscriptions and services at your fingertips using the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card as the enabler.

Get started with the process. Get UBA Card | Get Hostinger Hosting

About Hostinger Web Hosting for Nigerian Bloggers

Hostinger is a simple web hosting service you might want to use – both as a beginner and an advanced blogger.

About Hostinger Web Hosting for Nigerian Bloggers

It is the same web hosting service used by the blog site you are reading now. Learn more here.

Lastly, kindly note that, apart from using Naira to pay for the hosting, you can use Pi tokens equally.

And while Namecheap accepts crypto, you can see how to swap Pi for real-time money here.

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